Thursday, 11 August 2011

Challenge 64–The Results

As always….there can be only one winner



Congratulations, please email me. your full name, address and choice of 6 Sugar Nellie stamps your prize will be with you very soon.

But wait………..

We had an overwhelming amount of entries for this challenge thanks, in no small part to two very devoted (and ever so slightly crazy) sugar addicts!

Come on down……

Cathy Wallington & Fiona Robertson

What started out as a joke dare to both of these ladies to make 6 entries for this challenge suddenly become 10 yes, 10 entries each!

Now….that’s what I call devotion!!!

So….such loyalty deserves a very special prize…..

So, ladies… would you like to become Sweeties here at The Sugar Bowl?

I warn you now…the boss is a right pain in the a*s but, she’d be delighted to have you both….

that 'slightly crazy' thing that you both have going on, will come in very handy!

Your first mission, should you choose to accept…..will be to email me