Friday, 1 October 2010

Our new Sweeties are…..


Pat Frank



Marie Therese

I thought it best just to blurt it out….couldn’t keep it in any longer…

Having deliberated, cogitated and digested for quite some time, I have added five more Sweeties to our little family!

Congratulations ladies….please email me and I shall send out your first assignments and further details!

There was no intention to add so many, but when I made the initial cut, these 5 stood out for me….and I think they will each add something new and very special to our team!

I would like to thank you all for making it such a hard decision…I truly appreciate the time and trouble you all put into your entries, there were some truly stunning cards.

I know there will be lots of disappointed people, and I am sure that there are no words which could ease the disappointment, other than the fact that you are all eligible for the prizes the challenge offers unlike The Sweeties!

I would hope to see more of your work in the challenges, and would actively encourage you all to enter any further ‘Sweetie Searches’ that we may have.


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